Caravan Next Presentation in Creative Europe programme in Rome

Hundreds of cultural professionals came to learn from the Caravan Next project when Alberto Pagliarino, Artistic Coordinator of Caravan Next, recently presented the Caravan Next strategies to succeed with International cultural collaborative projects in Rome. Pagliarino was invited by Creative Europe Desk - Italy for an info-day dedicated to Cultural Collaboration Projects with the overall title “No Partner No Party Vol. 3”.
He explained how Caravan Next is a product of multidisciplinary partnership with the involvement of universities, theatrical groups, social foundations and technological and media partners. Pagliarino also addressed how the broad range of co-partners from different areas come together with the aim of an essential focus of the whole project; the strong relationship with the local communities in the process of creating art. The local communities are directly involved in the decision process of the cultural action carried out by professionals and local citizens side by side. Furthermore, the communities take part in a capacity building process that provides the individuals with new skills to enrich the cultural life and create awareness about present cultural challenges. These factors add deeper meaning to the artistic events and the common motivation strengthen the collaboration on both a global and local scale.


The Artistic Coordinator of Caravan Next, Alberto Pagliarino’s presentation in University Roma Tre, Rome, at the No Partner No Party Vol. 3 by Creative Europe Desk – Italy 20th of October 2016

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