ROOTS and Future of Europe

Indisputably, we are in front of a gigantic crisis: Global- European- Greek. So, how does the world work nowadays and what does it mean to be a European citizen? How can we react when historical events hurt us so much? How do we, citizens and artists, envision Europe’s future? The answer is: through our common participation, tolerance, solidarity and art. More than ever, nowadays, due to the refugee and economic crisis, we need to accept the different. We need to connect, if we want to find utopia and it’s needed to share experiences without shame, in order to fight for a common cause and thus for social change

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An article about Social Community Theatre in times of crisis by Magda Corpi, theatre associate and actress in Omma Theatre Studio’s recent Micro Event in Crete.
Photo: Matej Kristovič/KID KIBLA. Edit. & Layout: Anna Marie Houe/ Caravan Next