The Human Mosaic

The “Human Mosaic” Festival is a need, is a wish, is a desire. It is the creation of many different people, with diverse ideas, goals and backgrounds. Curiosity is their bond. A Town in the center of the woods celebrates a holiday of creativity for ten days a year. After the harvest, the town opens up its gates to you, invites you to meet at the riverside lit by stars, bonfire, theatrical lamps and the rays of the sun. The world spins, times flies, but you can always slow down. Stop by, land in Goleniów. Meet humans hungry for cognizance, build bridges over generation gaps, blaze trails on the #cultureintheworld map, compose a colorful mosaic out of differences and similarities. Contribute your piece to this mosaic of reality, put your foot on the imaginary archipelago of freedom and enjoy its colors and sound. The Human Mosaic waits for the true you!


The Human Mosaic is a project by Teatr Brama