The Voice of the Audience

The Voice of the audience is an experimental project with the focus on the sound identity of the theatre audience. The project is inspired by Vsevolod Meyerhold’s audience sound studies and is developed by professional theatre artists and musicians in collaboration with 50 citizens from the district of Vesterbro, Copenhagen. Throughout half a year a mixed group of citizens consisting of senior citizens, school children, parents, socially vulnerable, people with other ethnic background than Danish and students to develop and rehearse a sound work in 3 acts together with a conductor. The soundscape only consists of the sounds and actions from the audience (like whispering, snoring, laughing, singing, being silent, stand up and leave, crackle with a candy bag, shouting, sighing, clapping etc. etc.). This “work of sound” - a different and subtle concert - will be presented during the theatre festival Copenhagen Stage over four days both inside and out in the urban space in front of an audience of 50 people.


The Voice of the Audience
is a project by
Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium / Odin Teatret