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Farm in the Cave’s performances arise out of their long-term research, which is focused on the transmission of human experience beyond words and limits of ordinary understanding.

The European Association for Local Democracy is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to the promotion of good governance and citizen participation at the local level and fostering the cooperation between local authorities and civil society.

The Social Community Theatre Centre (University of Turin) is the first university to work scientifically with Social Community Theatre methodology. Furthermore they are a well known and acknowledged a practitioner in the field as well. SCT Centre is part of Humanistic Studies Department, University of Torino, Italy.

OMMA proposes new theatrical codes to the spectators and explores how the theatre can operate in today’s world. It is searching and testing the acceptable principles of theatre.

Truc Sphérique – the non-governmental organisation for contemporary arts and culture in Zilina, Slovakia - opened Stanica in 2003. Stanica is a platform for information, research, and realisation of experimental art, cultural and community projects and international and inter-sector communication.

OGR-CRT facilitates and creates exploration and production in the context of contemporary culture. It is a platform to harmonise the dialogue and collaboration between different cultural disciplines and a laboratory where people can meet for a mutual contamination of ideas.

KIBLA is a national and international non-governmental institution in the segmented field of creative industries, interdisciplinary, intermedia and multimedia art, visual arts, AV, music, culture and informal education.

ZID connects art, culture and society by engaging creative talents of people as an engine for positive change. In the Balkans, the word ZID means ‘the wall’. For ZID it means: breaking through and tearing down the walls between people by means of theatre.

Rohrmeisterei's key activity is maintaining a big former industry fabric hall (called Rohrmeisterei) and crossfinancing culture with culinary events and regular gastronomy, hosting cultural and artistic events, developing project ideas and producing sociocultural projects.

Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium-Odin Teatret has 50 years of artistic experience and cultural management in Europe and worldwide. NTL-Odin Teatret was founded in Oslo, Norway, in 1964, and moved to Holsterbro, Denmark in 1966. The members of the theatre come from a dozen countries and four continents.

Teatr Brama hosts theater festivals and travels to perform and offer workshops in many theater festivals every year. The theatre is a part of an ever-growing international artistic network that brings people together to create quality artistic performances and actions in communities in Poland and abroad.

The theatre laboratory TNT was formed at the request of the theatre Atalaya in 1994. TNT is open to all creators who believe that theatre is an art form, resulting from a continuous process of investigation.

TUC/MUSIC is a centre of research, development and education in the technological fields of software and web Engineering, web and mobile application development, service oriented and enterprise architectures, interoperability, multimedia management, digital libraries, data and knowledge bases and human computer interaction.