OGR – CRT Società consortile per Azioni

OGR-CRT facilitates and creates exploration and production in the context of contemporary culture. It is a platform to harmonise the dialogue and collaboration between different cultural disciplines and a laboratory where people can meet for a mutual contamination of ideas.
The OGR-CRT platform is a former huge train wagon repair workshop in Torino, Italy. Since 2011 the workshop has been turned into a renowned location for films and documentaries, commercial photo shootings and TV shows and the place has hosted more than 1320 events, 4 art and photographic exhibitions since 2011.
We work with the coexistence between cultural production and applied technological research with the focus on building bridges between the community of artists, designers and local and international businesses.


Via XX Settembre, 31
10121 Turin, Italy

T +39 011 433 0511
M info@ogrtorino.it

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