Centro de Arte y Producciones Teatrales

The theatre laboratory TNT was formed at the request of the theatre Atalaya in 1994. TNT is open to all creators who believe that theatre is an art form, resulting from a continuous process of investigation. As a centre of theatre production TNT has created various theatre shows with groups of actors who participated in the TNT’s International Laboratory workshops and toured in America, Europe, Africa and in most Spanish provinces.
During the last few years 70 tutors from 20 countries have passed through the doors of the International Laboratory of TNT. Many well-known specialists from diverse theatres have found their way; from the Opera of Pekin and the Teatro Nô from Japan, to la Santería cubana or the Brazilian Candomble, via the Biomecánica of Meyerhold or the Teatro Isabelino by Shakespeare.

photo: TNT


Centro de Arte y Producciones Teatrales
Avda Parque de Despeñaperros 1
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