TUC - Technical University of Crete

TUC/MUSIC is a centre of research, development and education in the technological fields of software and web Engineering, web and mobile application development, service oriented and enterprise architectures, interoperability, multimedia management, digital libraries, data and knowledge bases and human computer interaction.
TUC/MUSIC exists since 1990 and has participated in more than 50 European and national projects. In many of these projects TUC/MUSIC was the prime contractor and/or technical leader. TUC/MUSIC also participated in several excellence networks of the European Union along with other leading scientific organizations of the Union, as i3-Net in intelligent information interfaces, kaleidoscope in eLearning, DELOS II in digital libraries, and the European Excellence Network IDOMENEUS for the development of distributed multimedia information systems in Europe.


Laboratory of Distributed Multimedia Information Systems and Applications
School of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Technical University of Crete
Akrotiri Campus
73100 Chania, Crete

Prof. Stavros Christodoulakis
T +30 28210 37399
F +30 28210 37542
M caravanext@ced.tuc.gr